The Church in Crisis 2018    

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The Church in Crisis 2018 

As we watch the news unfold in our area, and across the nation, we cannot help but realize that we are witnessing a church in crisis. The 242 religious in Buffalo who have crossed the boundaries between Priest and People is likely emblematic of every Roman catholic diocese in the United States. It is a staggering number that goes beyond what any could imagine and is sparking the idea that the Roman church is in crisis and perhaps headed for a second reformation to deal with the corruption that has infested its institutions and walls. We, however, are not left out of the problems facing Rome and the church at large. A large brush will be used by unbelievers and scoffers of the gospel that will cover not only Rome but all churches from coast to coast. The cynicism and untrust directed at Rome will cast a long shadow that will have similar effects on us all. Unwillingly, all churches will be pulled in Rome's wake and feel the dire effects of mistrust and abandonment by the wider public. Many Christians, not just Romans, are hurt and going to be hurt in the months ahead and we must be prepared for societies new stance over against the church. What can we do to prepare for this wave of mistrust and negativity?

1- Remain faithful. Be a sign of faithfulness and hope to a world that is beginning to more and more look askew at Christ’s people.

2- Reach out to our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters and invite them to share our fellowship and worship.

3- Remain positive. Don’t allow your self to be put on the defensive, but trust that Christ will give you the words to speak at the right time.

4- Remember all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. That includes Mary, the Apostles and even the Pope who have transgressed Gods covenant along with all the faithful. This is the reason we need Jesus. Jesus alone can save and His sacrifice was for all so that they might be forgiven and restored.

5- Be a public witness to your faith in Christ. Be open about what you believe and why. Be bold in word but also in deeds of mercy and compassion for all, even those who say they do not believe.

6- Pray! Pray for the church to be able to be corrected by the gospel and for those who have fallen to admit their sins and fall before the cross of Christ.

7- Keep your eyes on things above! The devil uses the human frailty of the church to distract us from Christ and His gift of salvation.